This month we will be featuring Walnut as our wood of the month! Check out our fact sheet on this versatile wood.
What color does walnut wood come in?

Walnut sapwood can be light brownish color, but it most identified by the dark chocolatey brown wood with tight, straight grain.

Walnut Deep Brown Color

Walnut Wood Deep Brown

Where does it originate?

Walnut wood comes from the walnut tree (Juglandaceae). Walnut trees are widespread in temperate climates. The walnut is said to originally come from Asia. The European walnut wood is generally lighter than that of its American cousin. In the US, Walnut trees are usually found in the Eastern states. There are about 20 different species of walnut and six of those are found in the United States.

English Walnut Tree

English Walnut Tree

How durable is it?

Woodworkers love walnut because it is a relatively hard and resilient. It is resistant to warping and is subject to only light shrinkage. It has good strength but only limited durability when exposed to the weather.  It turns well and here at AGTC we love to make pens and pencils out of it.

Cherry, Walnut & Purpleheart cutting board

Cherry, Walnut (dark brown) & Purpleheart cutting board

How about allergies?

As with any wood, extended time breathing in sawdust is inadvisable.  Walnut wood allergies are rare, however walnut sawdust can cause irritation to eyes, skin and the respiratory system. We always wear a mask when working with any woods so that we don’t take in dust to our lungs.

Jason, wearing a mask while turning wood

Jason, wearing a mask while turning wood

What are its main uses?

Walnut wood is incredibly versatile and used widely in a variety of products from cabinets to luxury car detailing to airplane propellers. Walnut can also be found in doors, mill work, wood turnings, decorative work, furniture and musical instruments. We love it for our pens, pencils, bottle openers, or cutting boards.

Walnut and Gold Pen & Pencil Set

Walnut and Gold Pen & Pencil Set

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