Have you purchased a handcrafted mechanical pencil and the lead has run out?  Not sure how to replace the lead? It is as easy as 1-2-3!



Example of .7mm lead refills to use in your mechanical pencil (I got these at the $1 Store!!)

Steps to replace the lead:

  1. Once you have gathered your supplies you are going to want to pull the cap & eraser off the top of your pencil.  To do this gently pull up and it should just come out.

Replacing the lead in my handcrafted ebony & copper mechanical pencil

You can see in the cap comes off to reveal the eraser and the eraser also easily pulls out (and can be easily replaced too) to reveal where the lead is stored.


Remove the cap and eraser and turn over to reveal any lead (if it is totally out there won’t be any)

As you can see, I have 2 lead pieces left in mine. I am going to add a few more so I don’t run out.

2. Simple take the lead from the package and drop it in the opening where the lead is stored.


Hole at top of the mechanical pencil under the (now removed) cap and eraser

3. Once you put the lead in replace the eraser and cap and click it a few times to get the lead out (so to speak).  That is it!  All loaded up and ready to write.


Writing with my refilled mechanical pencil!

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