Have you purchased a handcrafted wood or acrylic pen and it is in need of an ink replacement? This simple blog post will walk you through the easy process of replacing your ink cartridge.


Got your pen?  Then let’s get going.

  1. Pull the top of the pen upwards to take it off the body of the pen. See below:


    Pull pen top off by pulling upwards

  2. Now that the top is off, you can see the top of the ink refill cartridge.


    Notice the black top and silver barrel of the ink cartridge, this is what you will be replacing.

  3. Twist the black (or blue if you have blue ink) part of the ink refill counterclockwise to loosen it and pull it out.

Twist the black and silver cartridge counter clockwise & pull upwards to remove

4. Now that the old refill is out, simple slip in the new one and tighten it by turning it clockwise to lock in place.  Then replace the top. Easy peasy 🙂


Pull out cartridge and slip in new one, twisting clockwise to lock in place

It is as easy as these 4 steps!


How to replace ink cartridges in handcrafted pens

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