Looking for a unique handmade gift to give your valentine? Check out our gift guide for unique items to gift you love.

1) Give fine writing instruments with a twist


Jack Daniels Oak and Gold Handcrafted Pen & Pencil Set

Want to give something that is practical and cool? This pen and pencil are turned in wood that came from the staves of a used Jack Daniel’s Oak Whiskey Barrel. Regular price $45.00 and comes with the pictured gift box.

2) A Pen with the Flair for the Dramatic

Tambuti Fountain Pen with sapwood

If your special someone needs a pen with more classic style, try a fountain pen. Easy to use (with ink cartridges), these are beautiful statement pieces that will last for years to come.  $55 and available here.

3) Bottle of his favorite booze & a fun bottle stopper

soccer football basketball baseball 8 ball tennis ball bottle stopper

Sports Themed Golf Ball Bottle Stoppers

This fun bottle stoppers are golf balls that celebrate his favorite sport!  We drill our real balls and make them into bottle stoppers. We have regular golf ball stoppers too.  Only $13+/each

4) Convenience and rustic style all in one!

Magnetic Bottle Opener

This handy opener, lets you stick it (with magnets) to your fridge and then pop tops and it will catch the caps!  Handmade manly rustic style for $20 🙂 Get them here!

5) Need a new game for family game night? Or maybe even a new drinking game? Tabletop cornhole has you covered!

Mini cornhole

Tabletop cornhole (coinhole)

Love backyard cornhole games, but want something you can easily take on the go? Try our MINI version of the game that SHRINKS those big backyard boards down to tabletop sizes. Only $13.50 and available here.

No matter what you give your love on February 14th, just be sure your love knows they are  special to you!

All items in this post are from our Etsy store A Good Turn Colorado.