DIY your own tablet stand!  Perfect for using in the kitchen for recipes, watching videos or even to hold a book!  1 board project!!

Wood Tablet Stand

Collapsible Wood Tablet Stand

Things you will need

  • 1x8x8
  • Miter Saw
  • Drill Press with ¾ inch forstner bit
  • Bandsaw
  • Router, 3/16 round over bit
  • Sander
  • Stain (optional)


Step 1 (Cuts)

  • Cut 1 – 12 inch length from the 1×8
  • Cut 1 – 7.5 inch length from the 1×8

Step  2 (Mark for drilling/cuts)

  • Measure 1.5 inches from the bottom of each cut board & draw straight line
  • Find the midpoint on the line drawn and mark x
  • Using the board to lay it across the drawn straight line and draw line on other side (parallel)
    • This will give you the width you will need to cut out.
    • The mid point is where you will align the forstner bit
  • Repeat this step for each board

Step 3 (Drill)

  • Using the ¾ inch forstner bit align it between the drawn lines, with the edge of the bit on the x (mid-point)
  • Drill out through board.
  • Repeat this step for each board

Step 4 (bandsaw)

  • Using the bandsaw, cut along the drawn lines up to the cut out drilled hole.
  • Use a fence to ensure the lines are straight.  
  • Check the fit by sliding the two cut pieces together

Step 5 (finishing)

  • Using the router, 3/16 roundover bit route the edges of each board
  • Sand routed pieces to smooth finish, 220 grit sandpaper
  • Stain as you choose

This would be a great item to add a monogram too or a beautiful stencil!

-Jess @ A Good Turn CO